Rose Terruce Gift Set (Mother’s Day Special)


Rose Terruce Gift Set (Mother’s Day Special)

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Burugarian Rose Sparking Rose Drink

Vol: 500ml

Enjoy the exquisite fragrance of the rose and the delicious moment. Uses rose extracts from Damask rose - a kind of rose with a gentle and elegant scent. It is also the only edible rose acknowledged in the world. Light and sweet taste, the Burugarian Sparkling Rose Drink is the perfect to-go for all occasions. 

Rose Terruce gift set comes with a bottle of Rose mocktail and a beautifully preserved rose that last for years and years. Comes with a gift box too. 


Damask Rose benefits:
- The scent possesses the ability to influence emotion and physical conditions. Helps relax your mind with the scent of the rose.
- Rose scent alleviates the stress of the mind and enhances the barrier function of the skin.
- Support blood circulation and female hormones. 
- Leads alleviation of peculiar women's problems such as menstruation cramps, the disorder of the menstrual cycle, symptoms of menopause, arising disorder and chilling of female hormones.

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