Minato Singapore

Established in July 2011 to cater to the growing demand for exquisite gourmet food and fine wine, Minato Singapore aims at redefining the culture of fine dining and wine. Being a pioneer importer of Japanese wine in Singapore, Minato Singapore offers a range of new and exciting blends to the fine wine market. A subsidiary of Nakashimato Japan, Minato Singapore introduces unique Japanese wine, sake and food to the market.


Our History

With a long running history in Japan, Nakashimato and its subsidies, Kewpie Japan, Nakato Japan, Aohata Japan, has expanded to Singapore.


Our Catalogue




Meet the Group

Nakashimato Co. Ltd

Head Office
1-4-13, Shibuya,
Tokyo 150-0002

Tel: +81-3-3407-7111
Fax: +81-3-3407-8911

Azabu Office
2nd floor Juban Toyu Bldg.,
1-5-30, Azabu-juban,
Tokyo 106-0045

Tel: +81-3-3405-4222
Fax: +81-3-3405-4230

Aiming to provide only the best products to customer.

 Kewpie Corporation


1-4-13, Shibuya,
Tokyo 150-0002

Tel: +81-3-3486-3331

Manufacturing, processing, and sales of mayonnaise and sauces, jarred and canned food and various other foodstuffs.

 Aohata Corporation

1-1-25, Tadanouminaka-machi,
Hiroshima 729-2392

Tel: +81-846-26-0111

Manufacture of jams, jarred fruit and desserts, sauces and cooked foods, etc.

Nakato Co. Ltd

Juban Toyu Bldg., 1-5-30
Azabu-juban, Minato-ku
Tokyo 106-0045

Tel: +81-3-5413-2048

Sales of imported alcoholic beverages and food.