AOHATA Verde Dispenpak Chocolate & Peanuts

AOHATA Verde Dispenpak Chocolate & Peanuts

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Chocolate and Peanut easy jam spread. 1 packet comes with 4 dispensers. 



Chocolate spread B: Sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa, whole milk powder, cocoa mass / emulsifier, flavor, 
Peanut spread ( including milk component / soy partially) Peanut, vegetable oil, powdered sugar, sugar, edible refined processed oil, total Milk powder, dextrin / emulsifier, (including some milk ingredients, peanuts, soy)


Aohata Verde Dispenpak

- Easy to spread with one hand
- Enjoy 2 flavors at once! 


Spread the fun with just 3 easy steps!

  1. Point outlet downwards
  2. Bend it into 2
  3. SQUEEZE it! 

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