CHICHIBUNISHIKI Wazanokiwami Daiginjo

CHICHIBUNISHIKI Wazanokiwami Daiginjo

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Waza-no-kiwami is their limited number product (2,350 bottles per year only). This premium Daiginjo is made from Yamadanishiki, most famous rice for sake brewing, and its polish percentage is only 35%. The taste is dry and full-bodied with rice. 

Size: 720ml
Alcohol: 16%
Prefecture: Saitama, Japan
Acidity: 1.3
Polishing: 35%
SMV: +3


About Yao Honten:

Yao brewery is in Chichibu area, where is situated deep in the mountains. They have been concentrating on their original sake which can be produced only in Chichibu since 1749 - shown in their brand name, "Chichibu Nishiki". *Nishiki is japanese brocade and a symbol of beauty.


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