JUNZO-SEN Fuji Apple Surioroshi 100

JUNZO-SEN Fuji Apple Surioroshi 100

Product Details

Health Drinks for your well-being. 

- The real natural taste of fruits
- No cane sugar
- Cloudy and contains pulp
- No additives
- High percentage of fruit juice, up to 100%
- No artificial flavors and coloring 
- Made in Japan, Nagano


“I wanted to reminiscence the taste that I used to enjoy as a child” – What we wish to product is a juice that was completely opposite to the clear juice that cleanly removed the pulp during mass production.  We want an apple juice that is rich in taste and as pure as possible.

We only use 100% Shuzhou Fujin Ring apples, and carefully select those that are completely ripe and sweet. We use a traditional harvesting method to increase the sweetness of the apples without adding any sugar. There’s a lot of flesh in it, and it tastes exactly like an apple wrapped in your mouth. 

Net Vol: 500ml

Price: $11.70

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