JUNZO-SEN Japanese Grape 100 Kyoho

JUNZO-SEN Japanese Grape 100 Kyoho

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Health Drinks for your well-being. 

- The real natural taste of fruits
- No cane sugar
- Cloudy and contains pulp
- No additives
- High percentage of fruit juice, up to 100%
- No artificial flavors and coloring 
- Made in Japan, Nagano


King of Berry Blackcurrant – Cassis
Black current is the most popular anthocyanin in berry, a type of polyphenol. It is listed as one of the ‘Superfood’ as it is high in nutrients and other health benefits! It also helps to relieve the tiredness of eyes, especially for working adults who face digital devices regularly.

Black current polyphenols help to brighten up skin dullness and make the eyes look bright and youthful. Helps improve vision as well.

Net Vol: 500ml


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