JUNZO-ZEN Pomegranate 100

JUNZO-ZEN Pomegranate 100

Product Details

Health Drinks for your well-being. 

- The real natural taste of fruits
- No cane sugar
- Cloudy and contains pulp
- No additives
- High percentage of fruit juice, up to 100%
- No artificial flavors and coloring 
- Made in Japan, Nagano


Is it possible to have a beautiful life? Just 1 cup a day, to maintain good health for your body and skin!

Juice is a health-oriented drink with a sweet and sour taste. The pomegranate juice is listed as ‘Juice for the Ladies’ due to:

  1. It helps to improve skin condition
  2. Regulated menses
  3. For people who always suffer from water retention (reduce puffiness)

Net Vol: 500ml

Price: $15.90

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