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3 Points to enjoy Kewpie Baby Niko Niko Box!

1. Set of Staple food and a side dish

2. "Puppet Box", where parents and child can interact


3. Easy-to-eat trays and cups


Type: Cup
Size: 120g
Age: 7 months
Code: NA-2
Allergens  -
Mains Rice Porridge with Codfish
Sides Japanese-style Fish & Vegetable Stew



Qn: How come Kewpie Baby Food has a long shelf life if it doesn't contain any preservatives?
Ans:  It's because our products are sterilized by pressure and heat after containers are filled and sealed. 
Qn: The flavor seems too strong.
Ans: We utilize the ingredients' natural flavor and use the natural broth. Therefore, the flavor may seem stronger than baby food made at home. The amount of sodium used in baby food for babies up to 12 months must be less than 200 mg/100g, according to the Independent Baby Food Standards (established by the Japan Baby Food Conference). All of our baby food products are manufactured in accordance with this standard. 
Qn: Kewpie Baby Food has the indicated age group on the side of the container. What is the difference between each product?
Ans: The indicated age group relates to the texture and size of the ingredients. Also, products for older babies contain more diverse ingredients. The indicated age is just a guideline, so please choose one that suits your baby. 
Qn: Some ingredients differ from the kind of food recommended in baby food books. Does this matter? 
Ans: With our specialized cutting, pressurizing and heating processes, we can include ingredients such as burdock root and shiitake mushrooms, which would be hard to prepare at home as part of the baby food. In this way, even little babies can enjoy our baby food. Furthermore, the age guideline for baby food has all been approved by specialists. Since each child is different, please give your baby what is proper for his development stage.
Qn: Does one container contain the right amount for one meal? I am concerned about the nutrition balance.
Ans: Since servings differ from baby to baby, one container is not necessarily equal to one serving. Depending on your baby's appetite and development, feed an appropriate amount of Kewpie Baby Food and other food. You don't have to worry too much about the amount and nutrition balance from the start of the weaning period. It's important to proceed to wean along with your baby's development, using the guidelines on feeding and weaning as a reference. 

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