Kumamoto Kyoho Dessert Wine Nv

Kumamoto Kyoho Dessert Wine Nv

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Sweet white wine 100% made from Kyoho grape called "King of grape" in Japan. Elegant sweetness. 

Size: 720ml
Alcohol: 8%
Prefecture: Kumamoto, Japan

*Contains Sulfites


Established in 1999, Kumamoto started winemaking with grapes in Kumamoto prefecture. Grapes were planted in Kikuka town, somewhere in Yamaga city, where they started the first brew 19 years ago since the beginning. 

Today, they have become a winery which gets various awards, including their main brand "Chrysanthemum wine". Kumamoto is committed to pursuing the delicious winemaking that leads to the world in cooperation with the local people more than ever.


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