MEIRI Premium Craft Gin “WA-GIN”

MEIRI Premium Craft Gin “WA-GIN”

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"Wa-Gin" is the World's First and Only gin produced from distilled 10 year-aged sake. Therefore, it is truly unique in production and style. WA GIN is complemented by the addition of botanicals such as juniper berries, lemon peel, orange peel, cinnamon, and other citrus fruits, creating a complex aroma and refreshing flavor. 

Size: 700ml
Alcohol: 40%
Prefecture: Ibaraki, Japan

About Meiri:

Meiri Shurui Co., Ltd. has its humble beginnings towards the end of the Edo Period (the 1850s). They offer a wide range of beverages such as sake, shochu, and liqueur, including 12 gold medals from the Japan Sake Awards (organized by the National Research Institute of Brewing). 

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