MUTSU HASSEN Tokubetsu Junmaishu

MUTSU HASSEN Tokubetsu Junmaishu

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Rich taste called "Umami" in Japanese. Fresh aftertaste. Medium body sake with fresh and fruity taste. 

Net Volume : 720ml
Alcohol (%) : 15%
Acidity : 1.4
SMV : +3
Polishing  : 60%
Prefecture : Aomori


About Mutsu Hassen:

Hachinohe brewery is located in Hachinohe city in Aomori prefecture which is well known as the most catch of squid in Japan. They are particular about being 100% made in Aomori from rice, yeast and Joki mold in order to create an original taste. Their brand, Mutsu Hassen, has a fruity and fresh taste with flowery aroma. 


How to read Sake labels?

  • Alcohol percentage アルコール分 (arukōru) – Normally between 13% – 16% Among all brewed alcohol, sake contains the highest ABV at 20% then diluted to 13%-16%. Undiluted sake is called genshu.
  • Acidity 酸度 (san-do) - Measure of the quantity of acids such as lactic acid, succinic acid, malic acid, and citric acid, the amount of which determines its flavour, e.g. if a sake contains more lactic acid, it will taste sharp when served chilled, but when warmed up, the sharpness will be removed and the sake then tastes refreshing.
  • Sake Meter Value 日本酒度 (nihonshu-do) - Related to the amount of sugar in the sake. A negative number indicates a sweeter sake, while a high positive number indicates a drier sake. Most sakes fall within the -2 to +5 range. This indicator should be read together with the acidity level.
  • Polishing ratio精米步合 (seimai buai) - Shows how much the rice used to make the sake is polished. The percentage expressed is what remains of the rice grain by weight after the outer layers are removed, e.g. 70% polishing rate is a rice that has been polished by 30%. The outer layers of sake rice contain fats, minerals and proteins that give undesirable flavours to sake. The smaller the number, the more premium the sake will be. A minimum of 30% of the rice is polished before it is cooked. Premium sake will taste smoother and more complex, with less body, acidity and bitterness on the palate.




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