Surprise Box C


Surprise Box C

Product Details

Each surprise box will contain between 12-15 items (images shown are for illustration purposes only). The expiry for the items is between Sep 2020 to Oct 2020.
Surprise Box C - $20 (Value $40~$80)
It contains Japanese snacks + high-value items such as Junzo Sen Not-From-Concentrate Juice / Ready-to-eat seafood snacks / Kewpie Salad Dressings. 
Something different from the previous Surprise Box as this one contains popular Bourbon items such as Everburger, Choco Chips Cookies, Mini Chocolate Alfort & many more! 
All boxes have been prepacked hence we do not allow customization. Some boxes contain a surprise item e.g. Recycle Bag from our favorite brand Yamamori / measuring spoon! 

Price: $40.00 $20.00

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