Aohata Yogurt Bowl

Aohata MARUGOTO-KAJITSU Blueberry turns in soft sorbet when it’s frozen.

Cooking Time: 5 mins
Calories: 189 kcal
Sodium Intake: 0.2 g
Calories, sodium equivalent and vegetable intake value is for one person.

Ingredients (2 Servings)

Plain Yogurt (300g)

Strawberry Fruit (4 pc)

Granola Cereal Plain (20g)

Mint (2 pc)

Aohata MARUGOTO-KAJITSU Blueberry (60g)



  • Remove the leaves from strawberry fruit. Slice it into thin pieces.
  • Pour plain yogurt into a bowl, and top it with the strawberry slices and granola cereal. 

  • Add Aohata MARUGOTO-KAJITSU Blueberry across the bowl, and decorate it with mint.

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