Apple Pancake Sandwiches (Dorayaki)

Aohata MARUGOTO-KAJITSU Apple turns in soft sorbet when it’s frozen.

Cooking Time: 40 mins
Calories: 340 kcal
Sodium Intake: 0.5 g
Calories, sodium equivalent and vegetable intake value is for one person.

Ingredients (5 Servings)

Hot Cake Mix (150ml)

Eggs (2 pcs)

Water (60ml)

Mirin (2 Tbsp)

Anko Paste (Tsubu) (200g)

Salted Butter (20g)

Vegetable Oil (To taste)

Aohata MARUGOTO-KAJITSU Apple (To taste)



  • Bring butter and eggs to room temperature.
  • Mix eggs, water and mirin in a bowl, then mix in the Hotcake mix.

  • Add a little vegetable oil to the frying pan and turn on the heat. Scoop in 1/10th of the pancake mixture and cook, flipping over until brown on both sides. Cook 9 more mini pancakes.

  • Separate into sets of 2 pancakes, wrap in plastic and allow to cool.

  • Squish the butter in a bowl, then add in the Anko Paste and mix well.

  • Make a sandwich with pancakes, filling with Anko paste mix and Aohata MARUGOTO-KAJITSU Apple.

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