Corn and Tuna Mini Pizza

Cooking Time: 15 mins
Calories: 251 kcal
Sodium Intake: 1.3 g
Vegetable Intake: 0.3 g
* Calories, sodium equivalent and vegetable intake value is for one person.

Ingredients (4 Servings)

12 Sheets Dumpling Skin (60 g)

A little Parsley

50 g Tomato Ketchup

Cheese (Proper Quantity)

50 g KEWPIE Mayonnaise

1 Bag KEWPIE Salad Club Whole Kernal Sweet Corn

1 Bag KEWPIE Salad Club Tuna Flakes


  • Mix the mayonnaise and ketchup.
  • Spread the mixture on top of the dumpling skins and then add the corn and tuna toppings.
  • Add the cheese as you like. Then bake the mini pizzas in a toaster oven till cooked.
  • Serve on a plate and garnish with parsley
    Note: Perfect for small bites at a party.


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