Kanto-Style Sukiyaki

Ingredients (2 Servings)

Beef Suet (400g) 

Fried Toufu (1 Block)

Shiitake Mushroom (4pc)

Shirataki (Noodle made from Konnyaku) (180g)

Negi (10g)

Mizina (100g)

Sugar (2 Tbsp)

Water (100ml)

Yamamori Tsuyu (Soba & Udon) (100ml)



  • Prepare the warishita sauce, Kanto-style sukiyaki sauce. Pour the water and Yamamori Tsuyu sauce into the sauce pan. 
  • Cut the fried toufu into 8 pieces, cut negi (Japanese Long Onion) diagonally. Remove the stems of shiitake mushrooms. For mizuna, discard root and rinse in cold water, then cut into decent lengths. 
  • Place shirataki into a pot filled with cold water to boil. Plunge the shirataki into cold water, drain and cut into your desired length. 
  • Heat a sukiyaki pan, place the beef suet in the pan. Sprinkle sugar onto the beef (sugar will prevent the meat from burning). 
  • Add prepared vegetables and other ingredients into the pan. Pour the warishita sauce and continue to simmer while serving. 
  • To eat, set each place with an individual egg bowl. Each diner can choose something from the pan and dip it into the beaten egg.


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