Matcha Milk with Black Sugar Jelly (Iced)

Ingredients (3 Servings)

[Matcha Milk]

Tsujiri Matcha Milk 50 g
Water 180 ml
Milk 180 ml


[Black Sugar Jelly]

Water 250 ml
Brown Sugar 75 g
Gelatin 2.5 g



  • Put 250 ml of water and brown sugar in a pan and warm it with low heat. Slowly dissolve it and do not bring to boil, add gelatin and mix well.
  • Leave it to cool down for a bit and then pour the mixture out into a container or a jelly mould. Put it into a refrigerator to cool for 2-3 hours.
  • Combine the water, milk and Tsujiri Matcha milk powder and mix well. 
  • Cut the jelly up into smaller chunks and put them into a tall cup. Add in some ice and the mixed Matcha Milk. Enjoy the drink with a thick straw.

Note: You may use Kanten powder instead of Gelatin.

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