Ingredients (2 Servings)


Japanese Giant Radish (400g)

Abura-age (Fried thin rectangular block Toufu) (4pcs)

Half-boiled Egg (4pcs)

Konnyaku (Gelatinous Cake made from Konnyaku plant) (180g)

Nerimono (Japanese Fish Cake) (320g)

Mochi (Japanese Rice Cake) (4pcs)

Water (100ml)

Yamamori Tsuyu (Soba & Udon) (100ml)



  • Prepare the cooking broth by putting 1 litre of water in a claypot with 100ml of Yamamori Tsuyu (Soba & Udon).
  • Slice the Japanese giant radish into 2.5cm pieces. Remove the skin and corners. This will prevent Japanese radish from breaking into pieces.
  • Cut konnyaku into smaller pieces. Typically triangle shape. Add the konnyaku in water and bring it to boil. After boiling, let it cook for another 1 minute and drain the water. Set aside.
  • Put water in a large pot and bring water to a boil. Add nerimono into the boiling water to get rid of the excess oil from them (15-30 secs). Drain the water and set aside. Cut big pieces into halves. 
  • Make mochi bag. Quickly run abura-age in boiling water to remove excess oil. Drain and cut into half. Cut mochi into half. Open one side of abura-age and insert the mochi into the slot. Use a tooth pick or kombu to tie the abura-age so that the mochi will not fall out during the cooking process.
  • Put everything except for nerimono and mochi bag in a claypot and let it cook over low heat for 1-2hours with the lid on. Skim off the scum and fat along the way. 
  • Add nerimono and mochi bag and cook for another 30mins. Serve with some mustard and rice.


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