Pork Kimchi Bowl

Cooking Time: 15 mins
Calories: 848 kcal
Sodium Intake: 51 g
Vegetable Intake: 0 g
Calories, sodium equivalent and vegetables intake value is for one person.

Ingredients (2 Servings)

400 g Cooked Rice

200 g Pork Slices

100 g Kimchi

1 Small Spring Onion (2 g)

2 Tablespoons KEWPIE Mayonnaise


  • Cut the pork slices into bite size.
  • Heat the frying pan. Without using oil, add in the pork and stir-fry. Using the same fire, add in the kimchi and KEWPIE mayonnaise.
  • Place cooked rice into a bowl and top over with the pork kimchi. Garnish with chopped spring onions.


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